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Life Will test You

God has come to test you…’ Exodus 20:20

Do you remember the tests you took in school? You either passed or failed, but you couldn’t avoid them. Life works that way too. When it comes to life’s tests-you must prepare yourself in advance! Jesus said: ‘…a wise man…built his house on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall…a foolish man…built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall’ (Matthew 7:24-27).

The first man built his house on rock because he knew it wasn’t a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when,’ a storm will come. The second man built his house on sand because it was cheap and easy. When the storm came the first man’s house stood and the second man’s house fell. What’s the point Jesus was making? Your talents and your reputation may get you to the top, but if you haven’t built strong character you won’t stay there long.

Furthermore, your beliefs may be sincere and line up with what other people around you think, but unless they’re founded on God’s Word they’ll fail you when you need them most. Three times in the Bible we read, ‘…the just shall live by faith’ (Romans 1:17). When the tests of life come, you’ve got to be able to rise up and say, ‘I may not have all the answers, but I have proven God’s character and track record and I’m trusting Him to do what He’s promised in His Word.’ Amen!


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This Word Love

A super sophisticated theme, only maybe – this is how….

You know the simplicity of love lies in the fact that it’s only a four letter word. Very flimsy letters, if anything. Two consonants and two vowels, and that’s about all. That’s love for me, that’s it for you too, I presume. You realize love is a root word of several other lazy words like lover, lovely, loveable… the listing sickens. Not that am a pessimist, just that we make a lot of undue sophistication out of love the word that out-rightly renders itself unwarranted as we miserably fail at love the action. Be it filial, romantic or agape, miserable is how we fail.

I’m positive, somehow. Because love is a beautiful thing, an elegant word. Beautiful because it is an adjective, elegant because it is a verb. Otherwise I detest the emptiness of lip service when it comes to love. The adjective betrays the verb. It offers a scenic and colourful description of the thing. Now pick some common case instances; “when I see you smile, my heart bursts into flowers…”, “my love for you super-cedes this world and the next combined”, and what nots. Indeed, all of you should agree with me as in a chorus that the adjective is such a tale-teller, more than just a describer. The flip side of the coin however, reads treachery. The adjective love is so cunning in our lips. It’s a no partner fit for the verb love, for only one pertinent question made of four really simple English words work it down: Can you show it?

Now, enough of this chit-chat, if only I lived in this planet (or is it still one?) then I would walk miles for the verb, yes the doing word. The action word. The acted meaning. I would stand tall for it, I would defend it. Not that I’m overdoing this thing, take love the adjective and love the verb for an en-sample. The former is empty and forthwith I would banish it. It is irrelevant given the latter, for isn’t action describable? I perform an act of love and the onlookers will describe it as love. I say I love with no action accompaniment and the onlookers tag me a hypocrite. Now I’m certain you see where I’m founded.

Next time you utter this word, take an intrusive walk down your mind and establish whether it was the adjective or the verb!

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Reverse GBV in Kenya

Well, this is how I enter – not to be confused with the Madtraxx and the Skamares of this world. Today I thought we could at last face the reality of reverse Gender Based Violence in Kenya with our usual level heads and open minds.

Why Reverse?
So why reverse, anyway? Where is it inscribed that women are to suffer in the hands of men and not the other way? The answer lies in the African societal expectations seen in gender roles and made real in the African family set up. But for this Kenyan thingy, I just want your full attention please…

In Kenya, men physically assaulting their women could as well be regarded a relic of the past. Women in Kenyan cities and townships have been known for battering their husbands to the point of hospitalization, and sometimes death! Ok, this is no exaggeration just in case you think so, neither is it an inferred wayward joke. The most interesting portion is that as the women wage the battle, they do most of the screaming, wailing and yelling – you would quickly, but falsely deduce that they are the victims, when the reverse is, sadly, the case! Even more interestingly, when their poor ‘victim husbands’ get to the health centres and social gatherings with their bruise-littered, utterly damaged faces, broken limbs and/or bandaged parts they go like, ‘mmmh, eeeer, you know I had this almost fatal accident, thanks to God I’m alive…’ and all this manner of vako continues. The details of the ‘accidents’ often remain concealed, maybe only some ka-FBI could do the unveiling. I chuckle.

Now The Mamboleo Tale asks, which one sounds sexy; wife-beating up husband or the converse? Well, spouse battering is a criminal offense either way, for doesn’t it amount to domestic violence?

Conjugal Rights versus Multiple Concurrency
Apart from just being a crime, this practice heightens chances of acquiring the HIV among affected couples coz usually after the fight, either of the spouses goes on a sex strike, denying the other their conjugal rights. Multiple concurrent sexual partners (mipango ya kando) is the direct consequence of such a scenario, in which case the sex is usually unprotected – you do not know if condoms are ever known behind closed doors.

Masculinities and Gender
Also commonly reported among Kenyan males overtaken by their masculinities is an incident of forceful sex immediately after the physical fight, just to prove their prowess and weigh ‘who’s stronger now?’, ignorant of the fact that this is marital rape attracting prosecution and exposing each other to bruises and cuts thereby increasing chances of infection.

Now this is the Bull’s Eye: Sweet ladies, the offense is spouse battering and not exclusively wife battering, so the law also protects men. Hi dudes, marital rape is as grave as ‘the other rape’ , so which one do we employ, the mind or the muscle? We only need so much enlightenment to appreciate this.

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The Mamboleo Tale Migrates

Some decisions could be tough but I found this particular one a lot tougher – to literally migrate from Blogger to WordPress. Not because I’m an indecisive breed, don’t get it twisted, it’s because of you. Yes you! At last I sigh that you’re reading this post varied from earlier when I was quite perturbed about just how I would ‘migrate’ you together with me across these two platforms, necessary as it was.

The only thing that has changed about The Mamboleo tale is the url. Previously, it was but now it is

Now my elevated reader, this blog is meant to get a lot better as it already is. Welcome and please stay on board as we discuss issues that pertain to us.

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