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We Live in a Post-Saitoti World

Ongala Maurice Speaks remains this real. Many are the times when the tale gets hilarious. Not meagre are the instances when you read and leave with a prize of laughter, a smile or for the tougher of you, a grin. This is contrary. Yes, contrary because we now live in a Post-Saitoti World.

J.M. Kariuki and Bruce McKenzie of old had their lives taken away at this spot. I’m also told The Late Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Laboso, some really prominent legislators in the Government of Kenya shared the date – June 10 – of yielding up their lives with this Internal Security Pair. As many of you as believe that all these are but bad coincidences, I charge to take a second consideration, this time a more objective one. This country Kenya, my brothers…

But speaking of the Internal Security Pair, to whom you will allow me to refer as ISP, could there have been something transpiring under cover? Is there anything Kenyans need to get acquainted to that is being purposefully held away from them? Or better still, how possible could this be, that the Minister for Internal Security and his equally powerful assistant could somehow find themselves aboard a chopper with ‘unforeseen’ mechanical problems? Pertinent questions round one.

Honestly the human side of me permitted me to shed a tear or two as I watched the Vice President, Mr. Wiper tell the tale of these two great men of our land and their body guards. He was struggling with tears and in disbelief paired with enormous difficulty, he almost brushed the journalists’ mics aside from his face. He chose his words with great care, yes I noticed him do. Hon. Musyoka is one composed guy in such an occurrence, you know that. Rt. Hon. The Prime Minister and his men weren’t left behind. Political rallies cancelled and their hype almost instantaneously replace with shock waves. It didn’t matter whether it was UDF or ODM, URP or TNA, PNU, the legendary KANU, et cetera; fact is all these rallies were cancelled by the very people who organized them!

But wait, before we come to terms with the painful loss of the very intelligent minister – Prof. George Saitoti and his Assistant, the very zealous Hon. Orwa Ojodeh and their security details – take a moment to ask, why did Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere and the Permanent Secretary who were also meant to be in this same flight, decline to fly at last minutes? The Captain and the co-pilot must have not foreseen any peril early enough, with all their experiences and the many missions they have carried out successfully with the ISP? I ask. Wasn’t this not a case of a too-sudden-to-be-salvaged fate? The Euro-copter AS350, was a new aircraft tested over Nairobi for one hour by the same pilot who flew it at its crash, also having clocked only 230 flight hour since purchase. How possibly credible could this crash be? Ok, why the ISP and not any other pair? If the ISP was this unsafe within the country, how unsafe are you and me blabbing on Ongala Maurice Speaks right now? Pertinent questions round two. Lots more stunning facts are in existence pertaining to this tragedy, perhaps you know some more (…).

Bottomline, I shudder. I utterly render myself feeble enough not to entertain the episodes of this movie-like country which I love. Love hurts, now I know. We love this country this much, no wonder the tears drop. Life and death in Kenya both happen really incredibly. Lord I’m too feeble to imagine this. Are we enemies of our own selves or what? Ok, I will be patient with you. From the noble writers like myself and the folks in upcountry to the elite and the political class in the cities and places of high authority; are we our own enemies? Pertinent questions round three.

Some parting lines could go like this: People never know when they give their last speeches, case in point Prof Saitoti at the Mombasa Peace Conference on Friday June 8. You never know what will be counted good of you after your demise, case in point Hon. Orwa Ojode and his loyalty to his boss and zealous debates in Parliament. And lastly, you never know when your loved ones and colleagues will be taken away from you perhaps forever, so learn to love and appreciate them while they last case in point, fellow legislators and kin of the deceased. Meanwhile the 3 day national mourning period declared by His Excellency the President ends Wednesday 13 June.

The conclusion of the matter is: we live in a Post-Saitoti World. Sad for Kenya, reality to the world.