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Peace in The Wait, not Peace in Waiting.

My fingers feel really sticky on the TV remote control. My face literally glued to the screen with my eyes growing dimmer by the hour. I keep flipping from one channel to the next. I get on the keyboard to type my mind but I’m quickly drawn back to the TV screen. CNN, BBC and the international cluster of media do not make a lot of sense to me now. I am doing local media, exclusively. I have never fancied Kiswahili broadcasts but today I don’t mind them. I sit in the very same position for hours on end, day after day and I don’t even realize it. I no longer feel hunger or the pain of it. I walk to the kitchen once in a while for a glass of cold water but end up not doing a sip, two hours later. There is something I am looking for, some news. Some news that I so badly long to hear. No one is telling me this thing just yet but I seem so relentless in my waiting. First question is, for how long will life continue in this manner?

I have never been more patient. I know that millions of other Kenyans are enduring the suspense now and this keeps my heart beating. Sometimes I go on my knees and intercede for my beloved country because I am eager to hear them tell me that we finally have a new president. A president duly elected through the just process of the law as embodied in the constitution. A president selfless and dedicated to the cause of justice, not selective justice. I president who is a true patriot, just like me. One who, like our founding fathers, will lay his life for the good of the nation.

Yeah, see, now my whole body is dripping with perspiration but still, I do not mind continuing in the wait. I had played my role in leaving all else and lining up in the scorching sun all day to cast my vote. And that was not the greatest, for I will continue to sustain the President elect with my tax for the next 5 years of administration. I will not expect so much from him though, save for transparency and inclusiveness. Not so much really, just catapulting economic development and some solidifying of our infrastructure. If I ask him for quality healthcare and quality education at all levels, still that is not so much. Yes, because their manifestos were so lofty, one would wonder whether they were for real or they were merely designed for campaign. I don’t imagine all that being done to me, not because I am a pessimist, who I have never been, but because I am only a simple citizen demanding his constitutional rights.

But back to the long wait, people, I am not only ready to wait a couple more days for the great announcement, but I am also ready to accept whoever the great man will be, for I know that whether he is a Kikuyu or a Luo, this country is mightier than him. Just like The Mamboleo Tale is pressing its opinion herein but Kenya is still greater. That’s a default setting, don’t you agree with me? I am sure you do. So hey brother and sister, I pledge not to throw a blow at you or anything akin to it because of them. Let them manage their leadership affairs as we manage our obligations as patriots. In holding them accountable, we ought to be united and not speak in different voices, otherwise we will fail at it. Let stones, machetes, blows or even vile speech not be our defenders, but in the words of our very inspiring National Anthem, let’s give a chance for ‘justice to be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty…’ and ‘plenty will surely be found within our borders’.

See you soon in the inauguration ceremony! Peace! One Love!

Ongala Maurice is a freelance writer, established blogger and Kenya’s Correspondent for Youth Hub Africa.