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To Inspire is to Empower


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Suddenly, I had a tyre burst. I held the steering wheel with my life and the spare wheel didn’t even cross my mind. There were two on-coming vehicles, one already overtaking the other and obscuring my lane. I stuck with the steering wheel even though I couldn’t safely steer the car to the left hand side and park because of this deep trench. I was at sixes and sevens! It was a real pell-mell. Mind went blank but instinctively, I didn’t get my hands off the steering wheel, even though it couldn’t seem to be availing much.

The last thing on my mind was the spare wheel. The time to think about it hadn’t arrived yet. Maybe, if I managed to safety stop the car then I would think of it. But for now, I was doing 85 or 90 Kph and the distance between me and the on-coming rogue vehicles was narrowing by the second.

I was afraid (a driver is not supposed to be afraid). I was terrified. I felt as though I was was inside Wastage Mall with that eerie Al Shabaab guy pointing his rifle right at my head, at very very close range. I shuddered, but still held the steering wheel, albeit feebly. I just refused to let it go. I dreaded a head-on collision, but I also dreaded rolling into this ditch. I honked and let out full lights. Honked again, hard. All these didn’t avail much.

Never in my entire life had I felt that desperate. Drama was unfolding and I was at the very heart of it. Everything happened at the speed of light and I had little time to think or act. I was dying. Lawd! Snap shots of my mother and family came to my poor memory. I had just seen said bye to mum, but I wished for a chance to see and hug dad too. To assure Barry, Maurine, Mercy and Felo that all’s gonna be fine with them without me in this world. I was seeing death but I wished for life.

At this point, handed over the situation to God. Then Isaiah 41:10, a verse we had studied with Javan two years ago, came back to memory. Only then did I feel the bravery of a lion in my heart. I stepped on the brakes and rolled safely and graciously three or four times! I knew I was in safe keeping. I was no longer afraid of death. I was covered by the blood of Jesus Christ (Amen). The wreckage halted and I was alive! The driver’s side was untouched, unscratched, just safe. As I walked out of the wreckage, some superstitious humans thought I was a ghost. Funny, right?


13641204_10154338940644439_7447356261571558353_o (1)

Look, if you’re still reading, this is the whole point:

1. When you treat God at the spare wheel, fear will engulf you. You will lose all the battles, including your life itself. But when you treat Him as the Steering Wheel, the Lion of Judah will impute His courage on you and you will be safe even in death!

2. If you memorise the sure Word of God and not fables, He will bring it back to memory at the time you need it most and it will save you.

3. You gotta make your ways right with God and man (right now) because you don’t know when your life may be taken from you.

4. Whe you see death, do not wish for life. Pray for it in the saving name of God’s Son.

More segments of this testimony will follow.



Author: Ongala Maurice

To Inspire is to Empower


  1. #seasonsofgrace indeed! if the Lord had not been on your side,you could have perished.We thank Him for saving your life.

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